We build customised websites to suit your needs!

We specialise in creating modules to suit your business models.

Standard Modules

Here are some examples of the base modules we have created along the way that may suit your needs:


  • Ability to add/edit images into categories
  • Ability to add/edit category information
  • Set names and descriptions on each of those images
  • Move the images into any order
  • The images will be displayed underneath a category page
    • Each image can be clicked on for a larger view popup


  • Ability to add/edit information such as title, name, message and job occupation
  • Set a yes/no option to 'feature' a testmonial to be displayed somewhere on the homepage
  • Move the ordering of testimonials
  • Testimonials will all be displayed on the page called 'Testimonials'


  • Ability to add/edit banner images on the homepage of the website or another specified place 
  • These banners could cycle through a group of images and each image could have a link to another page on your website or even a download. This could be used for promoting information such as current events, latest deals or latest news etc.
  • Move the ordering of images (or we can pick from a set of active banners at random)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ability to add/edit questions and answers to share common knowledge with your customers
  • Move the ordering of the most to least important questions

News Articles

  • Ability to add/edit information such as title, date posted, message and images
  • Set a yes/no option to 'feature' an article to be displayed in a specified place
  • Archive the article
  • Move the ordering of the most to least important articles (or order the articles by date posted)


  • Ability to display some videos from Vimeo or You tube.
  • Copy and paste the direct links to the videos, supply a thumbnail image, title and short description
  • Move the ordering of the videos

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