We build customised websites to suit your needs!

We specialise in creating modules to suit your business models.

We Customise

What exactly do we customise?

We like to think that we are pretty good at meeting the requirements your business is after. Some businesses can fit into the packaged modules that are typical to a lot of websites. Modules such as galleries, testimonials, shopping carts or news and events. Most of these modules might be a good starting point for your business however, not all parts will suit or be required.

What is a module?

A module is described as a separate unit of software (or hardware) that has certain defined tasks. Below area few examples of simple modules.

Gallery Module

  • Ability to add/edit images into categories
  • Ability to add/edit category information
  • Set names and descriptions on each of those images
  • Move the images into any order
  • The images will be displayed underneath a category page
    • Each image can be clicked on for a larger view popup

Testimonial Module

  • Ability to add/edit information such as title, name, message and job occupation
  • Set a yes/no option to 'feature' a testmonial to be displayed somewhere on the homepage
  • Move the ordering of testimonials
  • Testimonials will all be displayed on the page called 'Testimonials'

See more of our standard modules

What should I be looking for when I want to create a website?

When considering to get a new website there are a few things you need to consider. Why do you need one and what are your motivations? Do you want Increase sales or increase enquiries, perhaps get more exposure? The more we know what you need, the better the website can suit your needs.

Make sure you know your target auidence

Are you looking to impress all the young hip adults to buy the latest clothing? Maybe you want to target the wealthy homeowners to organise their garage. Knowing the target auidence can really affect design of the interface as well as knowing what engaging functionality the website might need. 

What do you want your clients to achieve on the website?

Make sure you know what you would like your client to get out of your website. Should the main focus be on getting them to contact you? Or should do you want your clients to just buy lots of items.

Do you have valid content / images ready to place onto the website?

Help us help you.The faster we have the content the easier it is to get the ball rolling. Images can also give us inspiration for your design and structure for the website.

Are there any other competitors in your market?

Finding out what other competitors are doing can help you plan your website. Figure out what they do well and what you would like to improve on to provide your market with a different experience.

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